Joining the Big Red

After a great year serving as the Hacker-in-Residence at Quotidian Ventures, I’m excited to announce that I’m starting classes this fall at Cornell University, through the brand-new Cornell NYC Tech program!

As noted on the original program website (screenshot above), this program is atypical in many ways. The program focuses on preparing master’s students not just to be successful academically as engineers, but also as practitioners and entrepreneurs.

To that effect, the program extends beyond the standard requirements of a master’s degree in computer science. In addition to classes such as Cryptography and Signal and Image Processing, the semester calendar includes a number of events aimed at introducing Cornell students to individuals in the New York tech community, and at building key skills such as pitching a startup, engaging effectively with media, and hiring/interviewing. In addition, students take two business classes focused on entrepreneurship each semester, including an entrepreneurship practicum taught by Greg Pass, the former CTO of Twitter.

It also includes a semester-long master’s project. For mine, I’ll be working with a few Google engineers to contribute to the IPython project.

I’m looking forward to the coming year, and I’ll be sure to keep everyone posted once my classes and project get underway!

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